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One More Reason to Buy Unique Hoodia

Those looking to buy Hoodia now have one more reason to buy Unique Hoodia.

Unique Hoodia now comes with added Bioperine. Bioperine is a natural extract designed to work with Hoodia.

Bioperine is an extract obtained from the black pepper and it increases the absorption rate of supplement nutrients.

Bioperine added to Hoodia increases not only its absorption rate but its absorption efficiency as well.

In other words, Unique Hoodia now achieves faster and more effective appetite suppression through 100% natural ingredients.

Bioperine is clinically tested in the United States and is known to be safe and free from side effects. Bioperine increases the effectiveness of Unique Hoodia as much as 30%.

Unique Hoodia is the only Hoodia-based product available in the market that comes with Bioperine. “Unique Hoodia” is truly unique.

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7 Reasons Why UniqueHoodia is the Best Hoodia

1. UniqueHoodia is contains Hoodia Gordonii.

There are many Hoodia products available in the markets, but not all are Hoodia Gordonii. There are many different varieties of Hoodia, but only Hoodia Gordonii is effective as an appetite suppressant.

2. UniqueHoodia contains 100% Hoodia Gordonii.

There are no fillers, additives or lubricants in UniqueHoodia. Other Hoodia products available include these ingredients. Pure Hoodia extract is costly and so manufactures dilute the proportion of Hoodia in their products to bring down costs.

3. UniqueHoodia contains more Hoodia.

Each capsule of UniqueHoodia contains 460 mg of Hoodia. This is more than most other Hoodia pills available in the market.

4. UniqueHoodia is the freshest Hoodia.

Most companies buy their Hoodia from resellers. As a result, this Hoodia reaches the customer after changing hands several times and remaining in warehouses for months. UniqueHoodia buys its Hoodia directly from South African exporters. The Hoodia that a customer gets in UniqueHoodia is usually just over a month old and thus is of the best quality.

5. UniqueHoodia guarantees 100% Satisfaction.

UniqueHoodia comes with a comprehensive refund policy. If the customer doesn’t experience a weight reduction after using UniqueHoodia, he will be refunded his full purchase price.

6. UniqueHoodia comes with Discreet and Secure Packaging.

Unlike other Hoodia products, UniqueHoodia doesn’t come as loose capsules in bottles. Each capsule of UniqueHoodia is separately packed in a blister pack. This means the Hoodia stays fresh for longer periods and also a small number of Hoodia capsules can be carried around.

7. UniqueHoodia is a certified Hoodia product.

UniqueHoodia has been certified by various independent agencies, as a pure Hoodia product that has been legally procured from farms in South Africa. You can read more about the certifications here.

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UniqueHoodia – The Genuine Hoodia

The weight reducing properties of Hoodia have caught the attention of the whole world today. In a world that is obsessed with Size Zero, something that works so well and is natural puts it on top of the heap in popularity when it comes to managing weight. After all, if it could suppress those African Bushmen’s appetite when they went out on a hunt so effectively, it must work. And when it’s a plant that makes it even more attractive because it means it is natural. To suppress your appetite naturally is such a wonderful way to lose weight in a world that is obsessed with stuffing its face at any opportunity.

The Real Hoodia

Many species of Hoodia abound in Africa but it is only the Hoodia Gordonii that is known to have weight reducing properties. There are so many scamsters that take advantage of this and sell cheaper and different Hoodia species as the real thing. That’s why you need to go to a genuine company who is certified and whose products are authenticated as the real Hoodia Gordonii. If you don’t, there’s a good chance that you will have fake Hoodia extracts palmed off on you and for sure, they won’t work. Unfortunately, when this happens to many consumers, they end up disappointed, telling themselves they should have known that Hoodia won’t work. They don’t think that it didn’t work because it was not the genuine Hoodia.

UniqueHoodia – Guarantee of Quality

The Hoodia Gordonii that comes to you from UniqueHoodia is certified by the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species, also called CITES, stating that the product is actually Hoodia Gordonii, imported from South Africa. Furthermore, it also comes with an Alkemist Pharmaceuticals certificate to state that the Hoodia Gordonii is genuine. The company also has a host of other certificates issued at every stop to state that the product that they import is indeed the real Hoodia Gordonii. The company also assures its buyers that the Hoodia Gordonii that goes into its capsules is not contaminated or diluted in any way. So what you get is pure, unadulterated Hoodia.

What UniqueHoodia will do for you?

The Hoodia Gordonii tablets from UniqueHoodia come to you all ready to suppress your appetite so that you begin to lose weight naturally and surely. For centuries, the bushmen used it so their pangs of hunger or thirst would not bother them in the bare deserts where they hunted. Today, you have access to this wonderful natural appetite suppressant so you can lose the weight you want to without fear of after effects. In the modern world, we tend to eat much more than what we need to live – we more often than not live to eat. So it’s a good thing if our appetite can be suppressed so that we don’t gorge ourselves on unnecessary calories. Once we learn to eat only what we need to, our bodies will become healthy and active, much like those bushmen of old.

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Proactol – A Hoodia Alternative

If you are looking for a long-term weight-loss solution, Proactol is a good alternative to Hoodia Gordonii.

Here are some facts that make Proactol a very successful weight-loss product.

  • Proactol is a clinically proven.

Read what doctors and other medical professionals have to say about Proactol.

  • It’s a 100% natural and organic plant extract. It doesn’t contain any allergens, artificial colouring, flavours, salt or preservatives.

You can find a Proactol FAQ here.

  • Proactol can reduce dietary fat intake by up to 28%.

It’s not only an appetite suppressant like Hoodia, it actually reduces the absorption of fat by the body.

Here is How Proactol Works.

  • Unlike many other weight-loss and diet pills available in the market, there are no clinically known side-effects of using Proactol.
  • Proactol is one of the most successful diet pills available in the market. It is backed the support of thousands of satisfied customers.


and don’t forget, if you decide to buy Proactol, you are eligible for great bonuses which include “Home Weight Loss” membership and other weight loss products too.

Proactol comes with a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t tryout Proactol.




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The Hope Of Hoodia

The latest USA statistics show that 58 million people are overweight and 40 million people are obese, with 3 million people being morbidly obese. 8 of 10 people over the age of 25 are overweight. In the UK, statistics show that 46% of men and 32% of women are overweight. That shows that obesity and overweight are practically epidemic – and they are diseases, because being overweight leads to diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, osteoarthritis and a host of other related problems, including an early death.

The other problem with being overweight is a social one. Long before “skinny” became fashionable, fat people have been the butt of innumerable jokes.

With “Slim & Fit” being today’s watchwords, making friends, finding partners and even getting ahead in one’s career are all hampered by that excess weight.

But now we have hoodia gordonii. Hoodia gordonii is a succulent plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa. The San tribes or Bushmen of the Kalahari have eaten it for centuries to suppress feelings of hunger, when their food supplies were low and they needed to go on long hunting expeditions.

The South African government along with a British pharmaceutical company researched hoodia gordonii, and after years of study, they were able to isolate the active ingredient from the inner flesh of the plant, a molecule they named P57.

P57 imitates the action of glucose in the body. It has a direct effect on the hypothalamus, a region in the brain that monitors hunger, thirst and blood sugar. It causes the brain to register the body has eaten, even though no food has been taken. Since P57 is 10,000 times more active than glucose – you can imagine how efficient it is at fooling the brain.

Hoodia gordonii is now available in capsules and tablets. Unlike other diet pills, hoodia gordonii has shown no side effects at all. It is not a stimulant, and neither is it addictive. On the contrary, the patients who have tried pure hoodia gordonii have reported that their levels of energy remained normal and they maintained a general feeling of well-being.

The American Obesity Association, a leading authority on obesity states on their website that medication can be used to treat obesity as a part of the total treatment.

Pure hoodia can be very useful in playing a role here. At the beginning, when you are making your first changes to a low calorie diet, pure hoodia gordonii controls the hunger pangs and makes it much easier to stay with the regime. It controls the old cravings and bad habits that ruined all past endeavors, and once you are well set in your new diet, habits and lifestyle, the hoodia gordonii can be eased off. Of course, should you ever find yourself slipping back into old habits, the hoodia gordonii is right there to help you control yourself.

Unlike other diet pills with their side effects, pure hoodia gordonii is a natural plant and perfectly safe to take. It will not only help you lose weight, but more importantly, hoodia gordonii helps you maintain it – naturally.

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New Fortunes with Hoodia

Since the discovery of hoodia gordonii, a succulent plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert of Southern Africa, most companies manufacturing diet medication have gone into overdrive to profit from its benefits. The San tribes of the Kalahari have eaten hoodia gordonii for centuries to suppress hunger when their food stocks were low and they needed to go on long hunting expeditions. The South African government along with British pharmaceutical giant Phytopharm, researched hoodia gordonii for years until they isolated its active ingredient, a molecule they named P57, which was responsible for suppressing appetite. The South African government patented P57, and granted a license to Phytopharm. Phytopharm has already benefited by selling rights to Pfizer, another pharmaceutical giant for $13 million.

Phytopharm themselves have plantations in secret locations in Southern Africa where they are cultivating hoodia gordonii on a huge scale. This plant is very difficult to cultivate, and if Phytopharm are successful, they will earn 5% of the profits on all sales of hoodia gordonii medications. Unilever (also a partner of Phytopharm), are planning to incorporate P57 into their “SlimFast” products. “SlimFast” already earns Unilever over $1.3 billion annually – you can imagine what the addition of P57 to their diet products will do to the profits for the company! Hoodia gordonii has all the makings of turning into a multi-billion dollar industry and expert opinion has it that hoodia gordonii may well outsell Viagra, today’s most popular pill.

Unfortunately, a goldmine like this attracts every fast-buck artist in the country and that is exactly what is now happening with hoodia gordonii. There are all kinds of hoodia products available, so you do need to be discriminating when you first decide that you want to try hoodia gordonii – you have to make sure it’s pure hoodia.

Firstly – Beware of products that use the entire hoodia gordonii plant. Only the inner flesh, the core of the hoodia gordonii contains P57. The outer thick skin, roots, leaves and stems have no P57, and so no effect on appetite. Therefore, a product using the entire plant is only going to be 60% effective. The supplement you use must contain 100% of the core of the pure hoodia gordonii.

Secondly – Beware of products selling just “hoodia”. There are many varieties of hoodia growing all over Africa; unfortunately, none of them has any effect on appetite. Only pure hoodia gordonii contains P57, the molecule that suppresses appetite, so whichever company you buy from, the supplement must contain “hoodia gordonii”.

Thirdly – Since hoodia gordonii + other herbs have not been researched yet, it is safest to use capsules containing 100% pure hoodia gordonii core in a gelatin capsule.

Fourthly – Make sure the product you use is certified. It must have a current CITES certificate, a Certificate of Authenticity and it must have been tested by a reputable laboratory, like Alkemist Pharmaceuticals.

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Genuine Hoodia and Pack Size

A good way to decide which hoodia gordonii product you are going to try out would be the size of the pack and the price. How much is your hoodia gordonii going to cost you?

If you break the price down to a cost-per-pill, you will find that:

Hoodia gordonii Diet Pills cost 49p per capsule
UniqueHoodia costs 40p per capsule
100% Pure hoodia gordonii costs 24p per tab
Pure hoodia gordonii 700mg costs 22p per tab
Pure hoodia gordonii extract costs 20p per capsule
Pure hoodia gordonii 400mg costs 15p per capsule

Obviously, there appears to be a large difference in the price range of apparently the same supplement. One of the things you need to know is that hoodia gordonii comes from Southern Africa and it is a rare plant. It is extremely difficult to cultivate and over harvesting has placed it on the endangered list. The export of hoodia gordonii is regulated and controlled and one requires a CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) certificate to import it. Only the inner flesh of hoodia gordonii contains P57, the active ingredient that suppresses appetite, so authentic supplements will contain only the core. Apart from the import, there are the tests from reputed laboratories that confirm the presence and quality of hoodia gordonii in the supplement.

Since the procurement and the manufacture of hoodia gordonii is expensive, authentic manufacturers will display a realistic price. Knowing the above realities of getting hoodia gordonii to the customer, one must beware of cheap supplements. Pure hoodia gordonii comes dehydrated into a powder and needs to be filled into a capsule. The largest capsule size comfortable enough to swallow is a 450mg capsule. Experts recommend that you need a minimum of 1200mg of hoodia gordonii a day for it to be effective. Now, a 60 capsule pack for a month implies filling over 600mg into a capsule – that will be impossible to swallow. So, you can see how important the pack size must be to conveniently and easily take your hoodia gordonii daily.

UniqueHoodia comes in the most convenient pack size, making this supplement a simple addition to your daily routine. UniqueHoodia has specially streamlined their manufacturing process to give you a capsule that holds 460mg of 100% pure real hoodia gordonii in a gelatin capsule. They have a monthly pack size of 90 capsules, which gives you 1380mg of hoodia gordonii per day. UniqueHoodia comes with a CITES certificate, a Certificate of Analysis, an Organics Annex Certificate and it is tested by not one, but two reputed laboratories – Alkemist Pharmaceuticals and CNL.

UniqueHoodia gives you fresh, safe 100% pure hoodia gordonii in a practical pack size and at a realistic price.

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